Website Design & Module System

Client: Timbers Resorts

Timbers Resorts specializes in the development and sales of luxury residence clubs, vacation homes, boutique hotels and resorts in the most amazing places around the globe. Developing a new website required the build of the main corporate site but also a way to create "child" sites for properties. These sites run on a shared database, functionality and overall theme. In order to adhere to each properties brand, a unique template system was created to allow sites to share the corporate brand but show unique character of the property itself. Modules for layout containers were designed and built to allow admins to curate meaningful and brand-centric content throughout each site. Build in Drupal, this complex build was based on customizable CSS styles and re-useable module system.

  • Wireframing and CSS blueprint
  • Website design
  • Design "flex" content for design system
  • Developing style guides for each property - including setting font styles, colors, iconography and background texture and elements
  • Lead several learning workshops to ensure Timbers team could implement